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the heart

The first successful heart transplant took place in September 1967 in South Africa … by Dr. Christian Bernard Ali Al-Miris Louis Washansky
A person who lives 70 years can have his heart beating 2.5 billion pulses giving enough energy for the journey going back to the moon
In 1929, German surgeon Werner Forsman performed the first successful heart catheterization
The heart can beat after completely separating it from the body because it has a SA node
The weight of the heart in a blue whale is about 1,500 kg
The heart is the most active muscle in the human body
The heart extends a network of blood vessels, reaching a length of about 81,000 kilometers, which can do two full rounds around the Earth.
The blood vessels are at their narrowest in the early morning, which is the most common occurrence of heart attacks
A person’s heart is about the same size as his fist

Heart disease is the most common disease ever
The heart is located in the middle of the chest just below the sternum and tilted slightly to the left
The heart beats around 120,000 beats per day, during which approximately 7,600 liters of blood are pumped
The heart is one of the least developed organs for developing cancer due to the inability of its cells to divide
The heart pumps blood to all parts of the body except the cornea

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