Do you know ?

The adult human brain contains more than 100 billion neurons

An adult person’s body contains 206 bones

The child’s body contains 350 bones, the number of complete and bald-free head hair is around 120,000

The longest bone in the body is the thigh bone

Smallest bone in the body

The nose can distinguish about 50 thousand different scents

The blood vessels in the body have a length of two rounds that can wrap around the globe

Whole humans can filter about 190 liters of blood per day

Humans breathe about 20,000 breaths a day

The heart pumps about 7,600 liters of blood per day

If a person lives 70 years, the heart will have completed 2.5 billion pulses and pumped about 250 million liters of blood

An adult person’s body contains 6 liters of blood

The body contains 639 muscles

The cornea is the only part of the body that the blood does not reach and feeds by the spread from neighboring cells

In the adult female ovaries, it can produce about half a million eggs, of which 400,000 are fertile

Scientists estimate the number of blood cells in a human being is approximately 25,000 billion round cells

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