Good news about the discovery of a vaccine to covid19


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Good news about the discovery of a vaccine to covid 19

  • The two international drug companies, Pfizer and Biotank, said that a new vaccine was invented for the emerging corona virus .. This vaccine has been tested on approximately 43,654 from 6 different countries and has proven its efficiency exceeding 90%

How the new vaccine works :

  • Part of the genetic code of the virus is taken and then it gives instructions to the cells about what they should build, as they encapsulate them with fat so that they can enter the cells of the body.

  • The vaccine will be given in two doses, about 3 weeks apart

  • And trials in Germany, Turkey, the United States and Iran showed that those who received the vaccine gained 90 percent immunity seven days after they received the second dose.

  • Pfizer said it could produce nearly 50 million doses by the end of this year and produce nearly 1.4 billion doses by the end of 2021.

  • The new vaccine needs to be kept at a temperature of -80 below zero

  • But some other information about the vaccine was not available, such as how long the immunity of the person receiving the vaccine lasts against Corona virus
    The vaccine-producing companies stated that most of the information needed about the new vaccine will be cleared by the end of the third week of this month, which will allow the new drug to be used internationally.

  • According to the statements of many medical professors around the world, it is a defining moment, even though it is the beginning of the journey.


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