knee pain


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knee pain

The knee joint consists of four bones

  • It is fixed and facilitated its movement by a group of ligaments such as the anterior and posterior cruciate ligament and the inner and outer ligament of the knee.
  • Knee pain can cause a wide range of problems, the most important of which are the following

1_ Tear in one of the knee ligaments.

2_ rupture or cutting of the meniscus of the knee.

3_ cramp muscles of the thigh or calf caused by lack of movement or constant fatigue of the calf muscles.

4_ Fracture of one of the leg bones involved in the formation of the knee joint.

5_ different group of bone diseases such as.


_ Inflammation of the ligaments, cartilage or joint cysts, by knee separation

Rheumatoid infections.


Bone tumors

Inflammatory vertebrae sclerosis

Bacterial or purulent infections of the knee joint


General nerve inflamations

Hamstring infections

Bone deformities, such as some internal and external curvature of the leg

Low temperatures

dislocation one of the bones that make up the knee joint

_ There is a pain caused by lack of movement due to being overweight, aging or having a chronic disease such as strokes and diabetes.

To relieve knee pain, there is a set of instructions that must be followed. The most important of the following and talk here about chronic pain cases that do not require surgical intervention. Bone tumors

Otherwise, this treatment is very effective

1_ Weight Loss

2_ the use of some anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen

3_ Use of nerve infections medicine for those suffering from chronic nerve infections or for some diabetics

4_There are many joint infections that cause joint roughness that show a high response to platelet rich plasma injection

5_ septic arthritis needs strong treatments with antibiotics after taking a sample and making a farm for pus

6_ Physiotherapy under the care of a specialist for those with chronic knee pain

7_ Some cases of knee roughness respond to a flawed response to the injection of hyaluronic acid, such as hyalubrix, synviscone, or crespin gel, but some of these drugs are difficult to provide to many patients because of the high prices

8_ In very many cases a very high response appears to use some knee paints such as sulfax and knee joint supports are used with these paints

  • This last treatment is considered the least in the side effects of the patient because it does not need surgical intervention or injection or any oral medications as it is effective for many cases

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