Low back pain

Low back pain does not have a clear cause, but it is caused by a large number of problems that affect the muscles and spine and affect approximately 40% of people. This percentage increases in developing countries and decreases in developed countries.
In most cases, the cause is a muscle or structural problem such as weight gain, muscle fatigue, muscle strain, smoking and pregnancy, and 90% of cases are similar to recovery without the need for a doctor in less than 6 weeks
– As for the causes of pain in the low back, make it known
1 – bone infections, osteoporosis, vertebral disc prolaps, muscle strain, muscle spasm, weight gain, smoking, pregnancy, and spinal fractures
2 – bone tumors, whether primary or secondary tumors
3- osteomyalites
4- Arthritis, reactive arthrites, psoriatic arthrites and inflamatory bowel deseas
5- Narrow vertebral csnal
6- Pain may occur in the low back due to urinary or reproductive system problems in females and males
* To diagnose the reason for the back pain, there are many things that must be taken into consideration if there are red signs such as weight loss, sweating, heat, or a history of cancerous tumors.
These things are known by taking a medical history from the patient
If there are no serious signs taken into account, the doctor will resort to some tests, such as the normal XRay of the spine or CT, or MRI to diagnose fractures of the spine, muscle strain, herniation disc between the vertebrae or canal narrowness
And some tests to exclude reactive and psoriatic bone arthrites and bone infections such as CBC, CRP and ESR.  And ASOT
And some tests to detect rheumatic diseases, such as ACCP and ANA
* treatment
– In a large percentage that exceeds 70% of patients, symptoms of pain gradually disappear without the need for treatment or consulting a doctor.
A large segment of patients is treated systematically without knowing the cause of low back pain
First, exercise and are useful for strengthening the muscles of onyx and back in general and contribute to relieving back pain in the short term and maintaining the aspects of daily life
– Physiotherapy may be beneficial for many cases in which it is not possible to interfere with medication or surgery, and it may be more beneficial if physiotherapy and rehabilitation are carried out in addition to drug therapy.
Drug therapy may not be 100% cure, but it maintains the best possible daily activities for the patient and most often the response is great for some medications such as NSAID, but it is advised that the start with paracetamol is because it has fewer side effects to the stomach, liver, and kidneys.
And muscle relaxants and some anti-depression drugs, and this is a good way to treat this type of treatment
– Celeprex 200 tab
Tablet every 12 hours after eating
– multirelax 5 tab
Tablet immediately before bed
– pregabalin or gabapentin 100
Morning and evening tablet after eating
If the NSAID is not effective in relieving pain, we resort to a stronger type of painkillers, but with the risk of side effects such as stomach ulcers and problems with kidney failure and hepatic impairment such as morphine.
Spotting quotezone injections may provide short-term improvement, but there are no strong indications for long-term benefit.
As for surgical treatment
It is the golden solution for some diseases, such as herniation disc between the vertebrae, if the pain radiates to the lower limb (sciatica), spine fractures, some cancerous tumors, narrow spine and some deformations of the spine.
* As for herbal remedies, manipulation of the vertebrae, acupuncture, and some herbal remedies, it has not been proven effective in the long run, but it may be effective if it is added to another type of treatment, such as physical therapy, medication, or sports.
There are types of stents for the back that contribute greatly to relieving back pain and practicing daily activities and reduce the need for pharmacological or surgical intervention, but they must be used with sports exercises or physical therapy. These are some of the types that provide a high response to relieve pain in the lower back
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